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A better Vision, a better Life from Centroptical. Premier Opticians in paphos fcdiscountlogo
Address: Poseidonos Ave, Paphos, Cyprus
Website: Visit Website
Phone: 8000 5353
Email: antreas.tsangaris@gmail.com
Mob: Fax: 26222845
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Clear decision

Centroptical is a family owned business, highly professional, operating within a tight-knit framework and a friendly atmosphere.

Looking after your eyes

When you come for your free eye test, our professional staff will take the time to find out about your interests, activities and particular concerns. Whether it is bifocals, varifocals or contacts, our qualified optometrists will test, diagnose and prescribe the right eyewear for your lifestyle.

Our Services and Offers


    • Free Examination by qualified optometrists


    • Computer Testing


    • Glaucoma Test


    • Orthoptics and other visual problems


    • Varifocals and Bifocals in 24 hours


    • One year guaranteed


    • Competitive prices



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Poseidonos Ave, Paphos, Cyprus


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