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G KOUZALIS LLC a prominent law firm with representation & service provision throughout the island of Cyprus provides expertise advice on Conveyance, Residency, Immigration, Probate & Administration, Committees, Title Deeds, CHF& Euro Loans, & much more
Address: 1st April 169, Paralimni, Cyprus
Website: Visit Website
Phone: 23811788
Email: lawfirmkouzalis@cytanet.com.cy
Mob: Fax: 2811789
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Allow us to introduce you to G KOUZALIS LLC, a prominent law firm based Cyprus, with representation and service provision throughout the island of Cyprus as well as office representation in Beirut, Dubai, Greece and in the near future Iran.

The underlying philosophy of G KOUZALIS LLC is “we care”, instilled and inspired by the personal philosophy of Tziovanis Kouzalis, British Citizen, director and Lawyer of G KOUZALIS LLC.

We provide expertise and specialist advice in various areas of law including Conveyance, Residency, Immigration Issues and processes, Probate and Administration of Deceased Estate, Committee legalization and Formation, Transfer of Title Deeds, Immovable Property Taxes, CHF and Euro Loans, Company Formation, Litigation, Labor law, Family law and much more.

Our team in Cyprus consists of 18 members of staff, 8 lawyers, and 10 administrators who speak English, Greek, Russian and basic Japanese and trusted and professional translators and interpreters are available should they be required. Each member of G KOUZALIS LLC is assigned with a specific department and role so as to ensure that all tasks and aspects of the law are duly covered by a responsible individual with expertise in each particular sector.   We strive to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they come in contact with us and thus we are committed to providing unbiased legal services to all our clients, regardless of the nature of their case or their identity and certainly without discrimination. We treat all our clients in an equal manner, with professionalism, integrity and of course complete confidentiality.

Our reputation is of great value to us and thus customer service is of paramount importance. Whilst constantly striving for improvement, our aim is to provide our customers with the level of service that we ourselves would like and expect to receive.  Due to this philosophy and strategy we have gained an honest and earnest reputation for prioritizing our customers.

G KOUZALIS LLC’s goal is to safeguard, defend and secure the effective exercise of the rights of our clients, whether this is against influential institutions such as banks, developers, governmental bodies and others. Our client’s interests constitute our interests and priority.

Should you desire clarifications regarding any of the above we will be happy to assist you.

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1st April 169, Paralimni, Cyprus


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