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Secure Airport Parking Paphos offer safe and Secure Airport Parking in Paphos. Run by a husband and wife team with many years experience supplying Paphos travellers with secure airport parking and transfers.
Address: B6 Old Coast Road Timi, Paphos, Cyprus
Website: Visit Website
Email: info@autoairpark.com
Mob: 97 785663 Fax:
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The husband and wife team at the the heart of AutoAirPark, Chris and Gaynor Warriner, have spent many years offering secure airport parking in Paphos. With a wide knowledge of running an off-airport car parking and transfer service, together with over 30 years experience in the motor industry in the UK, you can be assured that your vehicle is in safe and capable hands.

Auto Air Park is a family business and because of this your vehicle is treated as if it's our own - one of the family! Cars are never left unattended and we make sure that they are returned to owners in exactly the same condition they arrive in - this is why we carry out the checks we do.

Anything you need for your car while you are away - Service, MOT, etc. - can be arranged by us completely free of charge, all you pay is for the work, parts, etc. to the reputable mechanics we use and trust.

Chris and Gaynor are fully aware that travelling can be a stressful business. That is whyAutoAirPark has been created with your ease in mind. From the absolute security of their parking site, to the swift, comfortable, timely transfers, and the quick and easy online booking service, AutoAirPark Secure Paphos Airport Parking means each trip starts and finishes with no difficulties whatsoever!

Please note that car keys must always be left with the car park staff as a risk avoidance measure.

Please indicate your return/pick up time as when your flight is scheduled to land.

Auto Air Park is the ABC of airport parking:

  • Auto Air Park
  • Best Service
  • Cheapest Prices

- so don't delay, book today!

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B6 Old Coast Road Timi, Paphos, Cyprus


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