Bank Holidays and Important Dates (click here to download a copy)
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New Year's Day Monday 1st January Wednesday 1st January Friday 1st January
Epiphany Saturday 6th January Monday 6th January Wednesday 6th January
Green Monday
(Monday of Lent)
Monday 19th February Monday 2nd March Monday 15th March
Greek Independence Day Sunday 25th March Wednesday 25th March Thursday 25th March
Daylight Saving Time Starts (+1h) Sunday 25th March Sunday 26th March Sunday 25th March
Greek Cypriot National Day Sunday 1st April Wednesday 1st April Thursday 1st April
Good Friday Friday 6th April Friday 17th April Friday 30th April
Easter Monday Monday 9th April Monday 20th April Monday 3rd May
Easter Tuesday Tuesday 10th April Tuesday 21st April Tuesday 4th may
Labour Day Tuesday 1st May Friday 1st May Sunday 1st may
Whit Monday
Monday 28th May Monday 8th June Monday 21st June
Assumption Day Wednesday 15th August Saturday 15th August Sunday 15th August
Cyprus' Independence Day Monday 1st October Thursday 1st October Friday 1st October
Greek National Day
(Ochi Day)
Sunday 28th October Wednesday 28th October Thursday 28th October
Daylight Saving Time Ends (-1h) Sunday 28th October Sunday 29th October Sunday 28th October
Christmas Day Tuesday 25th December Friday 25th December Saturday25th December
Boxing Day Wednesday 26th December Saturday 26th December Sunday 26th December
All Orange dates are Offical Central Bank of Cyprus Bank Holidays along with Every Sunday and Every Saturday for Bank Transactions, White Dates are just important dates.  
* Dates may change. We take the definative list from the Cyprus Central bank.

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