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Posted in Airport Parking
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Park 'N Fly is the longest running airport parking facility in Paphos. We first started operation back in 2005 long before the new terminal was built and are currently celebrating our 10 year anniversary.
Address: Airport Road, Timi, Cyprus
Website: Visit Website
Phone: 26422074
Mob: 99123079 Fax:
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Special Anniversary Offer!!!

€3 per day uncovered or €5 per day covered
€10 Wash (Inside & Outside)

We offer the closest offsite-airport parking available in Paphos at less than 1 km from the airport itself and we provide a free transfer service in one of our courtesy buses (transfer time is less than 2 minutes).  We are so close that we ask on your return that you only call us after collecting your luggage.  By the time you exit the airport our bus will be waiting for you outside ready to take you to your car.  Many of our customers have commented over the years that parking with us is almost as quick as parking in the airport car park itself only much cheaper.

Not only are we a family run business, we own the site where the parking is based.  Not having to pay rent means lower cost for you the customer and having a residential house onsite means your car is never left unattended.

We have two compounds, both of which are surrounded by a high fence with trees and bushes making it impossible to climb in or out.  The facility is floodlit, chained, padlocked and monitored 24/7.  We provide both covered and un-covered parking and cater for both short and long term parking.

If your car is due for MOT, Service or Road Tax we can arrange to have this done for you in your absence as well as having your car washed or valeted.  For other services please ask as we are happy to accommodate.

The Airport requires you to check in 2 hours before your flight.  If you are coming from far away and arrive early there is a beach bar at the end of our compounds road on Timi Beach called the Bonamare Beach Bar Cafe.  Why not enjoy a cool drink or some hot food at reasonable prices before flying, or take a quick dip in the sea at this beautiful location.

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Airport Road, Timi, Cyprus


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